Gun Show Table Application


Due to recent thefts of guns at area gun shows it is highly recommended that trade space holders exercise increased vigilance of table merchandise at all times.  Trade space holders are solely responsible for trade space security.  

1.        All local, state and federal laws must be observed.

2. *** Black Powder is not authorized for possession or sale.

3. ***Manufacturers of reloaded ammunition must have liability coverage.

4.        No loose cartridges, loaded weapons or magazines allowed at any time.

5.        All firearms must have tie backs affixed to them rendering them unfireable.

6.        No firearms carried in holsters (other than uniformed law enforcement officers), nor carried in pockets or belts.

7.        Paso Del Norte Gun Collectors, Inc. assumes no liability for loss of personal property or injuries.

8.         No illegal firearms or other items prohibited by law will be permitted.

9.         Full automatic arms, silencers, etc., will be permitted only if accompanied by a proper federal license.

10.      All trade space holders must adhere to local, state, and federal laws as apply to sales, trades and other transactions.  A valid Texas State Tax Permit is required.  (Tax permit applications forms may be obtained from the Comptroller’s Office, 401 East Franklin, Suit3e 160, El Paso, TX 79901.)  A representative of the State Comptroller’s Office may pursue tax permit requirements with trade space holders at the show.

11.       Trade space(s) merchandise may not extended past table tops into aisles.

12.***Trade space deposit(s) are forfeited if cancellation notice is not received fourteen days in advance of Trade Space holder set up.  As well, deposit(s) are forfeited if trade spaces are not claimed by 9:00 a.m. Saturday.

13.***Trade spaces CANNOT be assigned to someone else.  ONLY, the show director has this authority.

14.       2 Exhibitor Badges per trade space(s)


Click on the link below to download the Table Application Form.


Print out the form and mail it to the address below:

Richard Bowman
3710 Cambridge
El Paso, TX 79903

You may also scan your completed form and email it to:

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